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Posted by: Posted on: July 19, 2013

30 shows in 20 days on our tour was an amazing whirlwind. I sometimes stop and think about the whole experience and wonder if I dreamed it up entirely. It went by so so very fast!
You know that funny feeling when you return from an amazing holiday? Or the one of bitter sweetness after planning your own wedding and finding it is now over and real life has started (I don’t actually know about this at all – but I’ve heard it can be a weird time!), or finishing the marathon you’ve trained for months to reach (ok…I haven’t done that either. But I can imagine)? Well I went through it – I can honestly say it took a month to readjust to the month away. Some of it was the exhaustion of all the planning and traveling, and some of it was balancing my normal “full time working life” with my music life and trying to squish them all together. I know I’m not alone in that most of my music friends have said life feels a little funny after being on the road. I’m not sure why I never considered that I might not feel comfortable being back home.

But being back in Edmonton right in time for the summer has been awesome too! It’s my favourite time of the year in this city because there is so much to do and so many festivals to explore. Every Saturday, there is a market right outside my front door and something about wandering up and down it aimlessly brings me immense amounts of joy. Wayne and I ended up playing an outdoor show in Churchill Square on a day that was ranked on the humidex as 43 degrees C! We were dripping puddles through the show – and actually had to keep moving our feet to keep them from burning. But there were some super troopers in the audience that braved the heat to come and see us play! It always boggles my mind that there are so many people who get excited about what we do and are willing to support it!
I was also put on a list of “30 Most Interesting Edmontonians” upon my return, which was pretty cool – proving to myself that maybe not just my mom thinks I’m cool… Being part of the list meant the opportunity to do a live Q&A over the internet with an app through I really loved getting to answer questions from all over the place – some just silly, and some that made me think a lot!

Trying to get in a few house concerts in the summer too. These are so awesome to play as you really get to interact with a crowd and share music and stories in an intimate way. Send me a message if you are interested in attending any of these. I never publish the addresses online, but everyone is welcome to attend. Last weekend we did one as a fundraiser for the IBD Clinic at the University Hospital. My friend Mary is running 700 km in Iceland (yes – alone! She is amazingly inspiring/ a little crazy for being able to pull this off!) and we were really happy to support her and meet great new people in the process.
Getting back to booking right now and should have some shows to announce again pretty cool. In the meantime, I am a finalist in the Lite957 Emerging Artist Spotlite, which could mean winning $10, 000 and a chance to play at the Edmonton Folk Festival this summer (which if you know me is my version of Christmas every year – but WAY better, and minus some of the awkward gatherings ;) I need your votes though!!

• Head over to
• Scroll to “Emerging Artist”
• Find my song “Needle In a Haystack” and give it a big green thumbs up
• Votes are unlimited, so refresh and keep voting til July 28!
• Share with anyone you think might be interested
• Know that I am thankful from the bottom of my heart!


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