Bends in the Road…

Posted by: Posted on: October 3, 2013

This summer has flown by in a crazy fast way! I went for a long run the other day in the fall leaves and realized, with the autumn colors all around me that winter is definitely on its way. I love summer, and look forward to it every year, especially with all the festivals going on in Edmonton. This year felt a bit different though. Post-tour, the season had its ups and downs for me, especially in trying to determine what the next musical steps are. Up until then, everything was humming along smoothly, but a series of grant rejections put a little kink in my “business plan steps” for promoting the album. And like most projects that get a wrench thrown at them, it takes awhile to realize there may be another path or way to take than the one you’ve been pushing on.

For me, some of this made me realize that maybe I needed a little break. The tour planning was busy, the tour itself a tremendous amount of fun, but it was hectic. I also started to notice that, without realizing it, there had started to be a “point” to everything I was doing. I was picking shows strategically, hoping it would get somewhere, writing songs with other people in mind and putting a lot of pressure on myself. And with so much pressure attached to specific outcomes – I started to feel a lot less joy when things weren’t going exactly the way I pictured. I forgot to just sing because it makes me happy.

So I decided to spend the rest of the summer trying to remember what music and creativity feels like when there is no point. And part of that meant being creative in ways that were different than music. I took an art class and enjoyed painting (even though my pictures looked like a 5 year old drew them) because it was fun – and there was no point other than that, because I know I’ll never be an aspiring visual artist. I went for walks and did yoga, and started to realize that so much happiness exists in the now. I won’t be happier when all my expectations for music get fulfilled until I learn to enjoy all the little moments in life that are happening around me now. And there are so many!!! And there has been such overwealming support for my music this summer.


One example: I was a finalist in the Lite 95.7 Artist Spotlite, and while I didn’t win it, the amount of people who voted and sent messages to cheer me on was incredible!! I am so grateful for the time people took to support me. And so now I’m in the process of booking a few more shows and planning some new steps – without any expectation but to enjoy making music and bring out something from a good place inside me! Can’t wait : )


Back to Real Life…

Posted by: Posted on: July 19, 2013

30 shows in 20 days on our tour was an amazing whirlwind. I sometimes stop and think about the whole experience and wonder if I dreamed it up entirely. It went by so so very fast! Continue reading


Via Rail Tour Part 2

Posted by: Posted on: May 30, 2013

Oh my goodness – have we ever been having a fun time! I’m sitting on the train in a glass car driving through Ontario as the sun sets. It’s hard to believe all the “official” shows on the tour have finished. Time has flown by and it’s been busy, but wonderful. Every day seems to bring a new adventure, new people into our experience, and new moments to cherish. Just tonight on our train show, a rapper was in the crowd. I threw it out to him to freestyle to the chords we were playing, and he busted out this amazing rap during one of our songs. Moments like this sometimes take you by surprise. Sometimes they don’t work at all, but when they do, they are magical! Continue reading


Via Rail Tour Part 1

Posted by: Posted on: May 21, 2013

These last few weeks have blurred together in a way that forces me a pinch myself most days to remember where I am. Firstly, May 9th we released the new CD, Unravel, to a sold out crowd at Citadel Theatre, and I can honestly say I haven’t felt that ecstatic in a very long time. To be surrounded by such supportive friends and family, along with new listeners I’ve never met, and to play in such a beautiful venue – one where I could really share my stories was such a treat. Radio, media and so many people have really gotten behind me in Edmonton to promote this record. I got to perform with a “dream team” band who have played with some of my favourite artists – Mike Lent on Bass, Sandro Dominelli on Drums, and Jim Head on Guitars as well and my awesome little brother Wayne. A very very special thanks to Breakfast Television’s Ryan Jespersen for stepping in at the last minute as a host and making it that much more fun! I really felt like I was 100% myself during that show and just had an absolute blast! Between the venue booking, getting people there, rehearsals, media, and finding something to wear, we all laughed that it was like I got married and planned a wedding. There were times when it did indeed feel like that, and I really felt just as happy as I’m hoping to feel on such an occasion.

Continue reading