Where Am I?

Posted by: Posted on: September 25, 2014

Well, it may seem like I’ve been on hiatus, and I suppose I have! The last year I did a handful of performances, and a little bit of writing while balancing full time work. I had the opportunity to do a masters degree at New York University (NYU) in public relations and corporate communication and after thinking about it for awhile, I decided it was the right move for me.

So, I write from New York City. I hope that through the next little while I get to learn, and polish some of the ways I have been marketing my music too! It’s a city filled with different kinds of music and I hope to continue exploring what that means for me. I’ll be back in Edmonton periodically, with maybe a performance or two. But for now, I’d just like to learn and play, and grow and see what direction and what types of creativity come from it.

Thank you to everyone who has always supported by music, and all the crazy adventures I like to take on!

Stay tuned,

Erica :)


Plans Underway for my new Album Release

Posted by: Posted on: April 7, 2013

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am getting to finally announce all the plans underway for the release of my new album, Unravel. Just got the masters back from Toronto today and am so happy with the way they sound. I also spent the week meeting with some incredibly creative people who are helping me create some really cool visuals to go along with the new music. Nicole Ashley Photography  and her amazing team shot some great photos that I can’t wait for people to see – it was really fun getting to play around with the theme of the CD and find neat ways to bring that out visually. 

Also finalizing all the details for a tour across Canada in May and I can’t wait to share the cool way we will getting around! I’m also really looking forward to the CD release and seeing all the people who have been so supportive through this journey. 

We all had an amazing time opening for Lindi Ortega – with over 450 in attendance, the audience was amazing. Honestly, one of the most attentive crowds we have had yet and I felt like I learned so much from Lindi and her band. It was also just a really neat reminder to me that music creates meaning, and though our musical styles are quite different from each other, the crowd seemed to really resonate with them both, and that was awesome. 

SO- you will be hearing much more from me soon! Looking forward to spilling the beans…
Erica :)


Finished Recording in Calgary

Posted by: Posted on: February 7, 2013

Exciting news – this weekend I finished all the recording on my new album in Calgary! And it feels great and scary. I think like any big project you finally complete, there is that feeling of “oh…what comes next” that accompanies crossing it off your list. And so, off it goes to Toronto soon to be mastered and it should be in your hands for a release in May – stay tuned for the official date. These are songs I’ve been carrying around in my head, my heart, and my fingers for the last few years so finally getting to share them in recorded form is really a dream come true. Continue reading