Robert’s Song

Posted by: Posted on: May 6, 2013

It was a friend that introduced you to me
That made you see right through me that night
And it was a guess if you felt the same way I did too
‘Cuz I waited up to hear from you

And I was so excited
But I kept it to myself for awhile
And I can’t explain
But there was something so familiar in your smile


You’re like boarding in powder
You’re like walking in the rain
You’re like listening to my favourite song
Played over and over and over again
You’re like swimming in the ocean
And when I listen to my heart it just shouts louder
That you’re like boarding in power

It was the cold that froze the tears to my eyes
When you took me by surprise and asked
If I had made any plans, if maybe I would take your hand

And I was so excited
That I broke down crying right there in the snow
And it feels so right
‘Cuz every time you’re standing with me we both know



That you’re like boarding… on a snowy Sunday morning
You’re like boarding in powder

Words and Music by Erica Viegas

Roberts Song